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#Donkeyclothing Fashion LLC I saw the Them Dawgs Is Hell 2023 Shirt In addition,I will do this fin first, as the dolphin, umm, porpoised a slow circle around me, about 30 feet away. He was curious, but very wary. I was amazed. I suddenly imagined fantasies of this friendly cetacean realizing my predicament and lending me a fin for a quick ride to shore, as so many apocryphal stories had claimed. Close encounters with wildlife are often interesting, but this was another kind of experience altogether. I treaded water and enjoyed The Moment. The dolphin was so graceful, honed by millions of years to glide through the waves as easily as you or I walk down a sidewalk. He made two or three circles around me, and then as quickly as he’d arrived, he was gone. The dolphin blew his blowhole twice and then disappeared beneath the surface. I decided rather anthropomorphically that this was a friendly salutation and waved goodbye to the ripples where my new friend the dolphin had been, and resumed my swim back to dry land. So much for hitching a ride.

Them Dawgs Is Hell 2023 Shirt

#Donkeyclothing Fashion LLC And then I felt something huge move past my legs. Very, very close past my legs. He didn’t touch me, but he couldn’t have been more than an inch or so away. Dolphins are a lot bigger than you expect. I’m a fairly big guy, standing 6’3″ and 205 pounds. This dolphin was longer than me by more than a foot, and his sleek muscular body probably more than tripled mine in mass. He made another pass, this Them Dawgs Is Hell 2023 Shirt In addition,I will do this time right in front of me. I reached out and felt that smooth, almost rubbery skin, and I could see his eye looking right at me. He submerged again, and I felt him pass by me again, this time behind me. Something about that look didn’t scream “friendly” to me. It was more like: “how dare you touch me!”

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