Vicetshirt-Play Calma Washington Shirt

Play Calma Washington Shirt

#Vicetshirt Fashion LLC “I have The Frankie Shop Lui cotton shirt in multiple colors (with matching shorts); it’s the Play Calma Washington Shirt What’s more,I will buy this perfect-proportion, perfect-weight men’s shirt.” —Lisa Aiken, executive fashion director, .com “I exclusively wear the U-neck Uniqlo cotton tees; I save my dollars for bigger fashion splurges. I love that it is slightly heavier weight cotton, the shoulder is slightly set in, and it has the perfect sleeve length.” —L.A. “In my book, there’s only one maker of Bretons, and that’s Saint James. Based in Normandy, France, the label has been making the perfect striped mariners since 1889.” —Lilah Ramzi, commerce editor “My wardrobe relies heavily on a rotation of black sweaters that might all look the same to the naked eye, but all play an important, and slightly different, role in my closet. My favorites come from Proenza. They are the perfect not-so-basic basics.” —Willow Lindley, accessories and collaborations director

Play Calma Washington Shirt

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