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After allowing the conditioner to remain on my hair for a few minutes, I again rinse with lukewarm water, accordion squeeze, and then finish with a cool/cold water rinse followed by a final accordion squeeze. Then I blot (never rub) my hair to remove the excess moisture before I apply my leave-in styling conditioner and roll my hair on rag rollers, traditional rollers, in braids, or similar before I air dry or sit under a hood or bonnet dryer. After I finished at Paul Mitchell I also attended Velma B’s Natural Hair Academy which specialized in African American and natural hair treatments including braids. I received a special hair license, at the time, for braiding and natural hair styling. My favorite instructor at Velma B’s had extremely coily hair. She told me she only washed her hair once every 10 days with a diluted formula like mine. However, she used a hydrating conditioner diluted with water to cleanse her scalp every 4 days or so.

Dead Man's Shoes You're There Christmas Jumper Sweatshirt

I also pre-fill a few clean gallon bottles of lukewarm water before I step into the shower. When I get into the shower I douse my hair with lukewarm water to make sure my scalp and hair are very wet. Then I drizzle the shampoo formula over the top of the scalp. I pat the formula through the scalp using only the pads of my fingertips to lightly massage the suds throughout. After I have drizzled the formula through my scalp, I allow the suds to flow down through the entire length of my hair. I very gently pat the suds through the areas I feel might need them the most. Then I do a very gentle accordion-style squeeze with my fingers from the top of my roots down to the ends to remove excess water. Afterward, I apply a super hydrating rinse-out conditioner from a few inches below the roots to the ends of my hair. I apply extra to any sections of my hair which might benefit most.

Dead Man's Shoes You're There Christmas Jumper Sweats Shirt

Using high heat isn’t a good idea on most synthetics but usually won’t do too much damage to natural fibres from plants, with the possible exception of rayons. My favorite sweatshirt is my University of Michigan hoodie that I got when I was a freshman. I stopped wearing it when I graduated college. While I was attending Paul Mitchell Cosmetology College studying for my hair license we were told the scalp and hair had to be washed every single day, without exception. At the time I attended Paul Mitchell my hair was below my waist and super healthy. I was the exception in the school. Many of my classmates tried to convince me to let them cut my hair, which I absolutely refused. I still marvel at the fact I survived without have my strands cut off. Furthermore, I only washed my hair with a diluted shampoo blend I’d been using since the late 1980s when I got serious about growing my hair as long as possible. My teachers in cosmetology school were split about my wet washing schedule, but they told me since my scalp and hair were super healthy, I should continue doing what worked for me and my hair. My diluted shampoo blend, which I used to current times in 2020, is to mix approximately 1/8th to 1/4th teaspoon of super hydrating shampoo in a clean quart-sized bottle prefilled with lukewarm water and shaken to a sudsy mix.

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