Every T-Shirt-Odesza The Last Goodbye Shirt

Odesza The Last Goodbye Shirt

#EveryT-shirt Fashion LLC Yes! Yes! Yes! I love that combo! Red pants would look amazing with a short sleeves dark blue top or light-dark blue turtelnack sweader. Matching dark blue color (wide) headband and red or dark blue high heel sandels and you are all set and looking fabulous! If you want to spice things out, Gold color will make a great mix with dark blue& red colors. It can be a big necklace and/or big tight matching earrings. On the Odesza The Last Goodbye Shirt but in fact I love this days you feel “extra” wearing that look with a matching red color (under the knee) high heel boots- would make a great look! Enjoy!!!

Odesza The Last Goodbye Shirt

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