Donkeyclothing-Tennessee Vols Smokey’s Squad Shirt

Tennessee Vols Smokey’s Squad Shirt

#Donkeyclothing Fashion LLC No! Underwear has seams. Repetitive motion in regular underwear causes chafing. Cycling shorts have padding in them which covers up the Tennessee Vols Smokey’s Squad Shirt and by the same token and seams in the shorts. This prevents the horrible chafing on those 60 mile bicycle rides. Wearing underwear under the cycling shorts reintroduces the seams, and there’s no padding under them to cover them up, hence chafe city. I think the best way to wear a dress shirt for men is either buttoned all the way up, or unbuttoned with a undershirtboth of which look very stylish and handsome. Of course, it always depends on the outfit and the occasionbut in general, those are the two ways I would recommend wearing a dress shirt for men.

Tennessee Vols Smokey's Squad Shirt

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