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Cj Mccollum Cj Checkmate Ornament

Here’s a fantastic and lighthearted primer on how to choose fonts. This is also a great jumping-off point for beginning graphic artists who don’t know many fonts by name, and want to broaden their font horizons. And here is a brilliant article about fonts to avoid. It’s long, but anyone serious about learning font usage (and misusage) should give it a read. (And note that while the Cj Mccollum Cj Checkmate Ornament moreover I love this article mentions Comic Sans, that typeface does not appear in the list.) If you are looking for new, fresh typefaces and want to peek at the cutting edge once in a while, you should sign up for MyFonts email newsletters (no, I don’t work for them in any way). I get a lot of bulk email every day (most of it is just spam) but when a MyFonts thing shows up, I stop and read it. They are excellent. And I’ve discovered some amazingly great typefaces through their Rising Stars one. ** It bums me out that I can’t seem to find that massive font poster anywhere. I know it was by Letraset, it just listed font after font after font, and right square in the middle of this sea of font names it had this great stone tablet with carved lettering, which was one of the foundational sources of the Trajan face. Surrounding the stone tablet, the fonts were all laid out like this:

Cj Mccollum Cj Checkmate Ornament

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