Hottrendclothing-Space Jam Tune Squad Shirt

Space Jam Tune Squad Shirt

#Hottrendclothing Fashion LLC I finally purchased the Space Jam Tune Squad Shirt so you should to go to store and get this Simon Miller Bubble clogs. I needed a transitional shoe between boots and sandals, so I figured these would suit that perfectly. Inspired by the black jewelry trays here at (our accessories in the fashion closet are organized in black velveteen trays), I picked up these modular, stackable trays at the Container Store. I was looking for something to house my expansive vintage earring collection and found just what I was looking for—a tray with little cubbies to store pairs of earrings. The brand Stackers has really thought of something for everything—from sunglasses to ring storage. I opted for nothing with a lid (it was important for me to mix and match and stack how I please!) and picked up about a half a dozen trays. I loved them so much that I went back the next day and picked up another six for my boyfriend’s tie and cufflinks collection. Did I mention how chic they look.

Space Jam Tune Squad Shirt

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