Designers like Thakoon have launched collections with a return in mind to the office, incorporating easier, more casual silhouettes than you would normally associate with workwear. Retailers have also added dedicated back-to-work sections to their websites featuring these types of sections. And brands that have come up with an obvious way to give shoppers more comfortable alternatives to suits, like Lezé (the “workleisure”) coach have capitalized on post-pandemic demand. for their products. Meanwhile, business-wear celebrities who have been rushing to change up their collections, like the digital native M.M.LaFleur, are starting to push their “casual power” aesthetic in their assets. marketing material this spring.

Aside from the proliferation of tailored items made from stretchy, comfortable fabrics more commonly used in active and fashion, the innovation here isn’t in itself. garments, but rather in the way they are styled and presented. It’s not surprising that J.Crew, Uniqlo, Alex Mill and Everlane are well-equipped for this dressing, but so are less traditional brands like Donni and Leset. Things are largely open to what and where you can shop for work, but for many, that means a paradox of choice: How do you decide what to wear to work? do when you can almost wear anything?

The gallery below, which includes some of our favorite office-appropriate casuals from brands that purportedly invest in this category (and some that don’t), is a good place to start. head. Bonus: Many of these laid-back outfits and outfits double as chic travel wear.

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