The old adage that one person’s trash is another’s treasure has found a strong foothold in the beauty industry. As more consumers and retailers demand more sustainable purchasing options, brands are turning to the concept of “extracts” ingredients as a means to tackle the industry’s rampant waste problem.


While the early efforts of many beauty companies in promoting sustainability have focused on packaging initiatives (search for recycled plastics, alternative plastics, etc.), instead The upgrade focuses on what’s inside the packaging. A wide range of brands looking to prioritize their environmental impact are now relying on a process called upcycling, which takes discarded by-products like fruit seeds and nuts to bring them back. second life as exfoliants and oils in skin care and personal products.


Kelly Dobos, a cosmetic chemist with expertise in skin care and personal care product formulations explains: “Upgraded ingredients turn waste materials that go to landfill into ingredients. functional cosmetics.

Upgrading ingredients – and sustainability in general – are in some ways the next evolution of the “clean” beauty movement. Brands that position themselves as “clean” (whatever that may mean for their own purposes) are placing importance on sourcing ingredients, using ingredients that are natural botanical origin from domestic or traceable sources. Brands like Tata Harper and Alpyn Beauty use all natural farm-grown or wild-harvested ingredients from across the lush landscapes of Vermont and Wyoming, respectively. But this seemingly benevolent approach can raise potential environmental concerns of its own: The problem is that there are only a finite amount of resources in these areas, and the environmental impact of finding This sourcing of raw materials has forced many brands to look for alternatives.

Farmacy, which claims to be a “farm-to-face” skincare brand, sources renowned ingredients from organic farms in New York, Pennsylvania and around the world. As the brand continues to grow, it is taking steps to reduce its inevitable environmental impact, and the shift to premium ingredients has played a key role in its strategy. that comb.

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