Bondi Born, an up-and-coming swimwear brand, less established than Aje, is also doing well. In its case, small size with fewer retail channels is an advantage.

“Most of our retailers are online, like Net-a-Porters and Moda [Operandi], and they continue to do well,” said co-founder Dale McCarthy. “We lost orders from department stores and resorts, but in both summers Australians can travel. So we did very well in Australia.”

Aje founders Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris.

Bondi Born’s biggest obstacle has been its supply chain disruption – an issue that affects brands globally, although Australia is challenged only by its extreme physical distance from most countries. other family.

Looks from the Adaptive Clothing Collective group show.

“Our swimwear fabrics are made in Italy,” McCarthy lamented. Normally, it takes six weeks from when we place an order to when they ship; now it’s six months. As a result, the brand was unable to replenish its best-selling products during this all-important holiday season. But it is moving on, having ordered Italian swimwear for next year. For their new resort wear products, they started sourcing cupro, a plant-based silk alternative, from Japan.

Looks from the First Nations Fashion and Design group show.

“They don’t seem to have the same supply chain issues,” said McCarthy, who noted that shipping costs have also become “horrible.” “But we’re not the only brand going through this.”

While the money may not have grown out of any of the country’s famously rich and varied flora, it doesn’t appear that aiding a pandemic is as unlikely as it is in some other parts of the world. In response to the closures, the Australian government has reliably provided grants to affected small businesses, in order to minimize lost income and jobs. It also began investments specifically targeted at the fashion industry, including allocating A$500 million (US$380 million) by 2021 to transform Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum into a fashion hub. And design; The venue for the first runway show of this year’s fashion week.

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